Sunday, October 14, 2007

recents things that made me laugh

1. Conversation with my host sister and host father last evening in the elevator up to our apartment:

Me: Tonight I made salsa with my friends. Do you know "salsa?"
HS: Oh, salsa sauce! I know it. I made it in academy.
Me: Yes, we used tomatoes, onion, and lime. I like salsa.
HD: (thinking) Sooooooolsa....soooooolsa. Ah! Basuh balluh!
Me: Um, baseball?!
HD: Yes! Saaaaamy Soooooolsa. Ah, I like too. So good.

2. The following link (thanks, Hillary!):

3. The underwear stores I pass on the way to yoga. There are three on one block that all display matching men and women's underwear sets in the window. They are called "couples' underwear," as you buy a set with/for your significant other.

This week one of the sets was out of sparkly gold snakeskin material. It is never a dull walk home.

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Hillary said...

I'm buying some before I leave...I just have to find a willing undies partner