Saturday, January 5, 2008

december 2000awesome

I spent Dec. 31, 2006 with friends and my older brother in Salem, Oregon.

We joked at some point that evening that the new year should be called “2000awesome” rather than 2007. As the night wore on, though, I think most of us had forgotten the nickname. The next morning, my friend and I mumbled good morning and stumbled red-eyed down the stairs to find something for breakfast. We ran into my brother at the bottom of the stairs. Hair disheveled and wrapped in a blanket after falling asleep on the couch, he did not look much better than us. He did have more energy, though, and a better memory. “HAPPY 2000AWESOME!!” he exclaimed, waving his hands. We immediately laughed and greeted him in turn.

This year I had another wonderful, though very different, new year’s which I promise I’ll write about soon. In the meantime, though, here are some holiday pictures from 2000awesome. It really did live up to its name.

The color pink is in. Glypie, Dana and I with kids from a Christmas party we helped with at a childcare center.

Hillary at our winter trip to Jeju Island's Teddy Bear Museum. This museum is incredible; it includes the world's most expensive teddy bear (dressed in Louis Vuitton and about $200,000), teddy bears made from snack wrappers, and teddy bear dioramas of major historical events. This is the invasion of Normandy.

The post-it board in my office for girls to write messages on.

Holiday dinner and gift exchange with the other English teachers on Jeju Island.

Christmas with the host family. We went to a fancy buffet dinner at a hotel. No one served me rice or kimchi and there was a cheese plate. I was very very happy.

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