Wednesday, January 16, 2008

there was also a yeti story

I am currently teaching a two-week long English camp for advanced first-graders (seventh-graders in America). I really like it; all of the girls want to be there, they understand what I’m saying, and when I showed Gilmore Girls today, everyone liked the character of Jess more than Dean without me throwing my opinion in. They’re also super creative. Earlier this week we did a project where I gave each girl two pictures and told them to write the beginning of a story incorporating both pictures. Then they passed it to a friend, who wrote the middle, and to another friend, who wrote the end.

My very favorite story is the product of a picture of smiling teenagers in a canoe and a picture of some kids lying on a gym floor after doing yoga. Here is it, verbatim:

Living Corpse’s Day

Jane’s classmates are go on a picnic with a canoe.

Oh, today is June 6th, 2006.

Devil’s number 666!!

So, zombies are revive and start moving.

Zombies and canoe is very close. So people pull an oar faster.

Oh, my god! They meet a big waterfall.

They diving in the water.

They get out of water.

Oh! My god!! It’s zombie’s house!

Zombies and Jane is close.


It not zombies!

They listen explane story.

Zombies are people. They need a diet. So they don’t eat food.

So they are very hungry.

So go to the river for drink water.

The end.


Aaron said...

Everyone loves zombies, even teenage girls in Korea!!


lydia said...

hehe, the joy of teaching students who actually want to learn can't be matched... ^^

Anonymous said...

hahaha i am so confused, but equally entertained. i wonder if that is how my spanish would appear on paper?
:) i love you!

-Aaron- said...


..."boreo"? (by the bye, sounds like you guys are having lots of "fu"!)