Thursday, February 7, 2008

winter vacation whoo!

Writing from the town of Miri, the state or Sarawak, the island of Borneo, in the country of Malaysia. Tracing my path the past 12 days would make for a messy map; Jeju to Seoul to Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu and other places in Borneo I can't remember.

I have really limited internet access here, but for a brief update check out my brother's blog. We're hanging out in Borneo until February 17th. I start teaching normal classes in the beginning of March and I promise I'll write more from my own perspective about the jungle, beaches, fried noodles, leaches, longhouses and treating sunburns before then.

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ramie said...

pleeeease. go to Kuala Lumpur. tell the taxi driver to take you to The Reggae Bar in Chinatown, where the most laidback hippie backpackers you will ever meet are right there, dancing to Bob Marley all night. trust me, the taxi man will know exactly where to go.

thanks for reading my stuff.

keep living.