Tuesday, June 24, 2008

say hello to your eyes

Today I got a letter from one of my very favorite students. This girl is great-- she doesn't hold back at all. Last week I gave her some chamomile tea I had from America, and she declared, laughing, that it looked and smelled like pee. But then she drank it and told me it was delicious. We talk a lot about books and Korean and American singers and I think she wants to be a writer. I told her I wanted to be a lawyer and she was very impressed.

It's difficult to get a real sense of it typed, as half of the fun of this letter was the special faces and drawings she sprinkled throughout it. But I still think it's worth sharing. I will miss my students more than anything else in Korea.

To. Ms. Elizabeth
Hello? I’m Yunju. Teacher I’m so sad. I have two reason.

Reason 1 (Beat Please—like dugududgoodoo)
You will go to the America soon. You are so good teacher. You listen our voice and give new lesson. I was really happy when we talked each other. Because I like English. I like new. I like America. And I like you. So I REALLY sad.

Reason 2 (Beat again)
I will go to the Jeju City (House-moving. I will move to Jeju City maybe (70%?). I was so disappointed. Maybe summer vacation. I think. AAA (Anyway And After All—it’s the first) we’re parted. What should I do? I’m not want to house-moving. I lie in Seogwipo during 6 years (Wow! Very long time).

By the way. Oh! I heard news! Will your brother come to Korea? Wow I really want to see your brother. He is a writer, isn’t he? I feel dizzy. I have an amnesia maybe. Haha.

Writing books is brilliant and wonderful. These days I’m reading a Bible (“Bible is a international best-seller”) Bible said, “A word spoken the right time for it” in book part is really helpful other people. So I think writer is brilliant. And I believe you must the THE LAWYER.

Do you know why I write letters? (not email). I like letters. Writing Letters with hand and pencil is so classical and interesting (specially English Letter) to me. I’m like this letter paper.

I think COLDPLAY is so good. “The Scientist” more listen. I like this song. So, introduce song about Coldplay please.

Um…Thank you read this letter. I plan write more letters to you. I am looking forward to reading from you. But not Answer I’m ok. I understand. Just say just Email Just short letters. I’m okay, really. Please, I don’t want to you have loads.
With love,

Yunju Noh

ps: Say hello to your eyes.


grayshifter said...

Hello, eyes.

You must be THE LAWYER.

Give this girl "Amsterdam" by Coldplay!

Mom, Dad, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Richard said...

We loved reading this!!

Anonymous said...

i really like the ps. it makes me want to leave you fun little hellos.

say hello to your toes!

:) beth

Elizabeth said...

hello, toes!

laura, it's funny you said "amsterdam"-- that's exactly what i recommended.

Anonymous said...

What a special letter--obviously you are a wonderful teacher and loved by your students. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get this sent. Just know we love you and look forward to seeing you. Love, Grandma

Merlin and Kim said...

Wow. That is possibly the best letter ever. Poetry.

This is one more reason we need to keep welcoming speakers of other languages into our national living room. They don't know all the rules yet and so add beautiful twists and flourishes they wouldn't add if they were bound by those rules. I think she literally says things she won't be able to say when she speaks and writes English more Perfectly.

Yay for you and your blog. I'll miss it. Kim

Casey said...

Did you really play Coldplay for your students???