Tuesday, July 1, 2008

excited's mean is too small

Yunju's next letter, after my brother came to visit (a future post!) :

Dear Elizabeth,

Hello! teacher. Oh! I was so excited to get your letter! excited's mean is too small..Umm..I feel unbelievable! It's the first time get Letter from English teacher! Wow! I din't think get a handwritten letter! I practice cursive many time. (Do you understand my cursive?).

Oh! I have good news! Out family decided not move to Jeju City. Not soon! My mother said, "We don't move to Jeju City in summer vacation. But Sometime we will go to Jeju City." I'm so happy. Because I miss my friends. If I move to Jeju City. But still I'm sad think about your leaving.

Wow! Your brother! I saw him today!! Um...I don't know. When I met your brother, I was little shy. I don't know why. He was very tall!! He's taller than me. not little! I'm excited when I meet tall person. (But...Umm..Elizabeth..My brother's taller than your brother! haha. I proud of my brother's tall. I'm sorry :)).

I'm impressed, too, that you like Bible! I read little. Maybe...Genesis? Ha! ha!

Bibles have many Version. So I recommend version called "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures!" Versions are not same. They are different. Do you believe a bible? Many people think Bible is legend or false. But I think bible is so real. Even bible have scientific. I think that's the true.

Um...Teacher. What mean stationary? I don't understand. I found the meaning (meaning is "not moving"). But I didn't understand. You said ("the stationary you used is so pretty").

Coldplay. I more like "Jonas Brothers" but when I feel blue or rain, I like it very much. I searched for "Amsterdam" on the internet. But, nothing. Would you please send email (mp3 file, my computer don't speak)? If you are busy, don't send.

I searched "Coldplay," I read this: Punk Rock. "Coldplay" what kind of music? Please tell me about Rock...

Well, I will miss you very very much!! too...You are my favorite teacher. Thank you for read this long letter. I am happy we are friends, too...I was so impressed for you letter! I don't forget the letter.

Have a good weekend, teacher!

-Noh Yunju

ps-- Your good words made me happy. So I want my letter, too. Good morning teacher~

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grayshifter said...

Aww, cute's mean is too small. I see the classic stationery/stationary spelling dilemma is holding strong...